Shenzhen Lingjun Automation Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2013, mainly engaged in the research and development, production, processing, tooling, and fixture production of precision mechanical parts. Product accuracy is guaranteed, good appearance, complete production and quality management system, and passed ISO9001 and ISO13485 medical certification.

With the idea of innovation, the passion of creation and the attitude of creating a great undertaking, we are constantly creating the image that we should have. We are professional in casting high quality and high added value, and constantly pursuing scientific management and positive innovation.

  • 8+ years Company history
  • more than 100 Number of customers
  • Professional non- standard customized manufacturers
  • 0.005mm Minimum tolerance
  • Automobile Industry
  • Our Characteristics

    We provide ideal precision parts processing and manufacturing solutions, and take environmental protection as our responsibility, quality as the center, and provide you with the products you want!

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Do Even More

Our advanced machinery and equipment and production capacity enable us to provide flexible solutions to meet customer needs at all stages. We not only manufacture high-precision and complex medical products, but also provide aerospace, optics, drones, robots, Precision bearing parts processing in automobile and other industries, and manufacture precise specifications and strict tolerances according to customer requirements.

Other Quality Products

Dear guests, in addition to the above products, we provide you with the following products:

1. Hardware accessories; 2. Sheet metal parts; 3. High-quality sensor.

I hope you can contact us in the following ways, thank you!